Nerf ELITE Blasters

Using stream-lined styrofoam darts,

the ELITE blasters provides an exciting shooting experience! ELITE blasters are great for players of all ages!

Our Lineups

Blaster Empire started on 24th March 2016 when three Nerf Enthusiasts decided to take it to a whole NEW level. It aims to bring the adrenaline of firefights to your door step providing you with a whole NEW level of fun. We bring to you a battlefield complete with barricades, blasters and darts. Choose from over 3 different packages each with their own unique loadouts and battle modes today!

Firers, blast with us. 

About the EMPIRE

Blaster Empire


Founded: 2016

Certifications: ACRA Registered Business


Company Profile

Nerf RIVAL Blasters

High Impact Balls serve as the ammo for these high powered RIVAL blasters. Stronger, further, and more accurate than the ELITE, these blasters take the game to the next level!